Recon Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an established entity in the space of premium oils. We believe that natures best is the key for the healthy living. Inspired by this, we constantly endeavor to bring you all of nature’s goodness in our products. We have perfected our proprietary cutting-edge technology of Seed to Oil at our advanced technology plants in Hyderabad and Rajasthan to transfer the inherent micronutrients of the Seed to Oil, without the use of chemicals, refining or any solvent process.

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Currently, Recon’s network spans across 24 states in India. Our company has 600+ stockiest extensively spread across India. Additionally, Recon’s brands are sold globally to over 18 countries by trusted distributors with years of experience.


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Recon Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd. has touched millions of lives worldwide, and continues to do so as it moves towards a promising future. Our wide variety of products promote wholesome living and joy. Want to know more about our products and processes?