Tilsona Gold Sesame Oil – 1 litre PET Bottle – Pack of 3


Tilsona Gold Sesame Oil


Every drop of TilSona Gold Sesame oil is gently obtained from the finest blend of sesame seeds, using a unique proprietary process that transfers the naturally present micronutrients from seeds to oil.
This liquid gold is creamy, flavourful, and a delight to cook your everyday food, exclusive dishes, as a top-up for your salads, and is a must for pickles. TilSona Gold truly brings out the rich flavour and taste of food like no other oil. That’s why food cooked in TilSona Gold is the choice of connoisseurs.
Tilsona Gold contains natural micronutrients like Vitamin E, Omega 6 and antioxidants. Each serving of TilSona Gold contains an equal ratio of MUFA and PUFA, as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Its smooth flavour, nutty texture, and high nutritional value make it an excellent cooking companion.

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