Nature is Our Teacher

At Recon we are deeply aware of the goodness and purity that Nature holds for the mankind for healthy living...

Our inspiration comes from this belief and
we constantly endeavour to bring you all the Nature's goodness in our products.
To achieve this, we have perfected the technology of
Seed To Oil – to extract the inherent benefits of the Seed and retain the same in the Oil without use of
chemicals, heat treatment or any solvent process.

About Us

Recon is an established entity in the space of premium oils. As one of the fastest growing companies in the FMCG domain, Recon has made its presence felt owing to the unmatched focus on quality and consumer centricity – across India and abroad.


* Packaging used for the International Market

With its history one of innovation and excellence, Recon has touched the lives of millions and continues to do so as it moves towards a future that only looks promising.

"This product is not to be used for consumption in the US & Canada markets as per the guidance of USFDA. This product can only be used for topical application in these markets."

TEZ Mustard Oil

The Real Zing Thing...

Goodness you can swear by

TEZ mustard oil is made from the finest quality
select mustard seeds through a unique process
to retain its inherent micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants.
It is the original Indian Mustard Oil having
a distinct aroma and natural zing.

For gourmets with a special taste for
zingy flavour and extra zest, nothing else can satisfy
their taste buds like food cooked in TEZ.

TilSona Til Oil

All the Goodness in Every Drop...

Connoisseurs' first and only choice

TILSONA is the choicest brand of every sesame oil user. Through a custom process blessed with heritage, TILSONA is obtained from the best quality
sesame/Til/Gingelly seeds
in a temperature-controlled way.

This in turn, helps retain all the quality and richness
of the sesame seeds. Its smooth flavour and
high nutritional value makes TILSONA the favourite of homemakers and gourmets alike.

Recon Cold Press Sesame Oil.

Taste and Flavour perfectly matched.

Processed using the classical cold-press method,
Recon Cold Press is produced from the finest
revadi quality white seeds from Gujarat.

In the traditional style, the seeds are gently pressed in a temperature-controlled setting without using any external heat or harmful solvents.
The outcome? A naturally enriched premium oil with all the essential ingredients intact.

COCO CARE Coconut Oil

Trusted by millions since 1993.

Cococare is synonymous with purity, quality and
care – values central to Recon’s commitment of a better world.As the group’s most iconic brand with a
stalwart presence, Cococare has added
immense value to the category. It enjoys great
following from both the Indian households and overseas, all garnered over the last 20 years of its existence.
And the legacy continues, even today.

A premium quality coconut oil, Cococare is derived from a unique proprietary process, perfected by Recon.
Only the best quality coconuts from Kerala – Dala
are used in the production that give out
rich consistent oil with a natural pleasing aroma.


khushiyon ke Diye jalao.

Mangalmai is specially made with the goodness of
Til Oil for lighting of diyas & lamps.
It is not for edible or application use.

Available in: 200 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre pet bottles.

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